Top 14 App Marketing Trends for 2020 & Beyond

Developing a mobile app is not just enough to make it a real hit in the market. You need to perform certain activities if you want your app on the top list of App Store and Google Play. Mobile app promotion is the best way to increase the downloads of your app and you must begin it at the early stages of mobile app development.

It has been said by Statista, mobile applications are going to generate around $189 billion revenue till 2020. It is predicted that the in-app advertising spending will become triple and reach beyond $201 till 2021.

There is no doubt in saying that mobile marketing is the King because it has all the power to bring altogether the direct access of data from the engagement of cloud and real-world from the in-store shopping and make the extraordinary things happen.

Real-World App Marketing Stories


Starbucks attracted their customers by featuring valuable content and adding alluring CTAs that ask users to download its app in innovative ways. This is the campaign that every marketer wants to perform for gaining user-generated content and app downloads. They actually ask their users to submit their product images and the best image will be posted on the Starbuck’s official social feeds.

  • Nike+

The best way to market your app socially is to make it first outstanding and appealing that every user wants to share it. Nike+ has an awesome UI design that is analyzed and shared on websites like Pinterest. Nike+ allows its users to share the progress that you made on recent sports with visual images.

  • Shell

Shell has launched a new app named as Shell Motorist for Android and iPhone both. The app has a combination of services and benefits with the basic needs of customers. With the help of Shell Motorist app, you can plan a perfect journey and find out a short route towards your destination and calculate the cost of the journey and any kind of hurdles that you may face on the journey. Also, the app will assist you in locating the nearest Shell Fuel Pumps for keeping your fuel consumption up-to-date.

The evolving mobile app marketing trends

Mobile app marketing trends are booming with the current evolving technologies in the market. There are so many new trends the market is adopting that it is impacting the changes very rapidly. You just have to think which technology to pick and then in which direction you have to follow the strategy for achieving the app marketing target.

Promoting your mobile app will make your app to come in the eyes of your targeted customers and that too before the launch of the app. There are so many app promotion techniques that you can use and perform the best app promotion. With proper app promotion, you can make your audience curious about the features of your app just by highlighting them before you launch your app in the market.

  • Reach audiences with accuracy via in-app advertising

You can reach a wider audience with full accuracy using in-app advertising. It is the best monetization strategy for the need of mobile publishers that provides app developers with a paid amount for serving the ads within the app. This makes in-app advertising the best app marketing strategy for different agencies and brands.

The diverse types of advertising formats include interstitial ads, app banner ads, video ads, native ads, and rich media ads.

  • Reduce end-users dependencies using Voice Commerce

Huge brands are identifying the audio power and understanding the need of connecting with their targeted audience and creating loyalty of your brand using storytelling and content. Voice commerce will help marketers to know what audio renaissance is for marketers, content providers, brands, and can use diverse voice strategies for strengthening consumer relationships.

  • Effectively market on multiple channels with Marketing Automation

With the help of marketing automation, you can market your business on multiple channels using marketing automation. By installing chatbots and adopting instant auto-replies, you will be able to satisfy your customers by solving their queries instantly. Sending push notifications is the other marketing way to promote any kind of offers and discounts that will help customers to know what you are offering. By doing all this, you will be able to attract more and more customers on your mobile app.

  • Stand out of the competition with app reviews and ratings

Reviews and ratings are the important factors that anyone would easily trust while taking services from that particular company. The reason for which the ratings and reviews will become critical in 2020 is that it has a significant saturation in the mobile app industry. There are millions of app available on the App Store and Google Play. But the question is which app will stand out among all. By seeing people’s reviews and ratings, you can make a decision on downloading the app.

  • More security and transparency in mobile apps

While downloading any app, people are always curious to know how your app is taking data and where their data will going to be used. That’s the reason for focusing on security and transparency in mobile apps. The latest trends of 2020 will going to promote the data policy of your app and living up to the promised transparency of the app. Never forget that without users, your app will fall down gradually. You will have to create the best-secured app for your targeted users and build policies to protect them.

  • AR and VR will become huge in 2020

The scope and emergence of artificial intelligence and virtual reality will make a huge splash on the market. Now, with advanced techniques, you can run different AR ads on Instagram accounts. Be on top of the race and adopt the digital interactions that people are expecting more and more to get introduced in the market. You have to be on the front runner in the AR and VR race when it’s about mobile apps.

  • Social Media — An evergreen platform for app marketing

The massive trend that will continue to grow is the social media marketing trend. It is just taking a shift from one platform to another one. Social media will let you reach a large audience and you can leverage your business with this marketing trend.

The different social media ads through which you can perform the best app marketing covers, Instagram ads, Twitter promotion, Facebook promotion, Snapchat promotion, app branding, product selling ads, and more such.

  • Paid ads in app stores

Paid ads in app stores will going to stay in the market. With the help of paid advertising, all the marketers can pay the owners of the ad space and in exchange can make use of that particular space. Different types of paid ads cover Google Search Ads, PPC Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Display Ads, Retargeting Ads, Video Ads, and the list is long.

  • AI Technology

With the ever-escalating AI technology, you can improve the overall user engagement and save a lot of money for businesses. AI-powered chatbots are changing the way businesses work and interact with customers using mobile phones. The apps like online shopping, food delivery, and cab services are integrating chatbots for responding to the query of customers instantly. With the involvement of AI, you can actually make your app marketing more effective and beneficial in 2020.

  • Leverage influencer marketing

If you are developing authentic, honest and mutual relationships with the influencers, then it will last for a long-time to assist you in the promotion of your app. Influencers are the ones who have the power to influence the engagement and buying decisions of any group of people. The business owners who are reaching the influencers or bloggers should be handled carefully for presenting the content which is relevant to the influencers and the targeted audience.

  • Content promotion boosting the visibility

Mobile apps can be classified as apps that offer utility and offer content. So app promotion can be done easily by promoting content around the app to increase the visibility of your app. You can promote and share your content on different platforms to get more and more visibility and engagement of users towards your app. Doing this you will be able to boost your customer reach and this will help in increasing your potential customers.

PR is all about sharing the correct information at the right places and with the right people for building the reputation of your brand. There are so many options for PR toolkit like advertorials, social media, media relations, newsletters, business events, speaking engagements, brochures and catalogs and sponsorships, and partnerships, etc.

  • Boost app downloads using App Store Optimization

App Store optimization is the process of enhancing the overall visibility of the mobile app in the app store. You can increase the number of app downloads and loyal users with the help of app store optimization. Its importance is understood correctly and most of the publishers try to achieve the following things that include ranking high as compared to other apps, ranking high for relevant keywords, and be available when searched for any revenant keyword.

Mobile app marketing consists of three major blocks i.e. paid traffic acquisition, working with organics, and monetizing traffic in the app. working with organics is divided into three main zones, social media marketing, and content marketing, and working with ASO. While engaging in ASO, you will get a lot of traffic in the search and high-quality users. It is always possible to stand out in the competition among your competitors just by following the right ASO process.

  • Creating a landing page for your mobile app

The best landing page for your mobile app will benefit you at a different level. The most attractive landing page acts just like a business card for your mobile app. You can put multiple links on the page along with images and important information about your app. Slowly you will scroll down to the landing page, you will find call-to-action links for downloading your app directly. This is the best advantage of creating a landing page for your mobile app.

There are several ways in the market and mobile app marketing guides available but it depends on you that how you want to follow the promotion process. As the technological trends are evolving in 2020 so the new trends are booming with new effects. Also, you can approach the best app marketing agency for professional guidance.




Techno-commercial leader heading Intuz as head of Strategy.

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Pratik Rupareliya

Pratik Rupareliya

Techno-commercial leader heading Intuz as head of Strategy.

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