Changing Customer Ecosystem with On-Demand Services On Mobile

Before starting with our core topic, I would like to share a recent incident that happened to me. It made me realize the cumulatively growing essence of on-demand services.

A few days back, I returned to my home town Sunnyvale from New Jersey after the successful wrap of my business trip. There, I had to attend a minimum of three meetings a day. And during this time, I had to accomplish my pending preparations for each project too. It was a short notice journey, so I had to run against the clock.

Each of my days started with a tight schedule. I had to travel from one place to another in New Jersey throughout the day. Thanks to Uber, it was quite easy for me to finish all my meetings on time. I was able to book the cab instantly and consume the services in time.

The major benefit was; I could work on my presentations while travelling so it allowed me for extreme utilization of time. The leading ride hiring service provider enabled me to achieve better performance and productivity rather than wasting the time in hiring taxis by waving my hand every now and then.

Uber is the best example of on-demand services that we all have experienced at least one time. The growing adoption of on-demand services proves that they are becoming an integral part of our daily routine. The emerging concept provides a revolutionary infrastructure that brings the online and offline world together. Let’s have an in-depth understanding of on-demand service and how it is revolutionizing the way various industries operate.

The concept is based on the demand that is collected using the online platform but served through offline properties either instantaneously or in a scheduled manner.

On-demand services are listed on versatile web platforms as well as mobile apps. The rise of on-demand services has opened up new directions and opportunities for diversified industries in slightly varied forms.

Having hands-on expertise in Android and iOS application development, we have analyzed that such apps follow a pattern that starts from search, discover, schedule/book, consume, pay to review. Of course, the final product contains all required customization.

Generations are losing their patience. We are living in an era where everything that runs slow is considered a failure. We want everything on an instant basis. Do you agree?

On-demand services are formed to address our needs quickly and effectively. Mobile app development companies are using various advanced tools and technologies to build avant-garde platforms for buyers and sellers of such services. It is making the urban life more resourceful by catering with more convenience for car washing to laundry pickup and meal delivery, from chauffeur-driven vehicles to plumbers. To enjoy these services, all you need is a single tap on the mobile app and you have everything at your doorstep.

In the traditional food industry, the restaurants didn’t provide home delivery of lunch or dinner or snacks. Customers had to visit the eatery. With the introduction of the on-demand economy, via food delivering app development it became quite simple. Consumers have started getting the orders on their doorstep. Usually, a food aggregator mobile app contains three steps: search, order, and delivery.

Supermarkets also use this concept to supply the glossary items at the customer’s doorway. In case if you love to cook, then there are platforms that enable you with new recipes too. Using a few advanced mobile applications, users can book a table for lunch or dinner. On-demand services in the food industry are:

  • Recipe and ingredient delivery
  • Glossary delivery
  • On-demand store reservation
  • Cooked meal delivery

This industry is one of the early adopters of this idea. Users can book the ride and travel by cab within a city. Uber is the most popular example of this. There are several other companies that offer similar services. On-demand cab hiring service providers engage a massive customer base and generate immense ROI by building Taxi mobile app. In fact, it becomes an integral part of our life. The on-demand ground transportation businesses are:

  • Rental platforms for cars
  • On-demand valet parking
  • Cabs on-demand
  • Ridesharing platform
  • Carpool or ridesharing platform

B2B businesses are experiencing a revolutionary transformation. They help large scale organizations to focus on their core activities by outsourcing the background jobs to the respective experts. It aids corporates to run their enterprise operations smoothly. Companies can also save the cost of hiring permanent employees for simple jobs.

Under the on-demand services, B2B firms offer corporate travel, catering, event management, and more to large scale companies. They also provide temporary staffing and consultations to the market leaders for specific services. The on-demand services have completely eliminated fragmented middlemen services from theB2B industry.

On-demand services are priceless for this particular industry. It has reinvented the traditional process of the healthcare industry where patients had to visit the doctor. Now, patients need not sit in a queue for a long time. They can immediately interact with the doctors.

Patients can ask doctors to visit their home space for a checkup. Moreover, patients can order the prescribed medicines online and receive them at the doorstep. On-demand services in the medical industry are:

  • In demand medicines
  • On-demand ambulance services
  • Doctor on-demand
  • Patients interact and consult with doctors through audio or video call
  • On-demand caretaker/nurse
  • Professional Services

The time has gone when we turn Yellow Pages or visit various online directories to search contact numbers of professional service providers. All the traditional methods to get connected with professional service providers became outdated. On-demand service platforms have made it easy for us. Customers simply need to register with the portal where the professionals have listed their expertise and ask for the required service.

Using next-generation mobile applications, customers can hire plumbers, lawn movers, electricians, movers and packers, and other professional service providers from the preferred geographical area. Thus, it makes the entire process easygoing and faster.

Apart from hiring skilled resources, these platforms allow customers to customize their searching, booking and payment processes. The on-demand models in the professional service industry are:

  • Freelancers can sell their services to the customers
  • Home visit by professionals
  • A marketplace where customers can connect with skilled resources
  • Hire a team of professionals and manage bookings

The beauty industry is reforming the way it’s working. Previously, people went to the parlour for beauty treatment. But now there is a reverse scenario where beauticians come to your doorstep to pamper you. On-demand services of the beauty industry include:

  • On-demand on store reservation
  • Marketplace model
  • On-demand on-site services
  • Hire your own stylists to serve your clients at the doorstep

On-demand beauty services not only enable customers to consume quality services at a convenient time and place but also help large scale beauty parlours to freelance beauticians to increase their customer base. So, we can say on-demand service provider platforms also increase employment opportunities. As customers can have more options to select from, they can choose the cost-effective alternative. Moreover, they can also receive beauty services at their homes that save their time too.

Customers have more alternatives to choose the most suitable on-demand service provider for them. They have the flexibility to compare the price and quality of services using advanced mobile apps.

The concept itself represents that customers can book the services online and receive them on their doorstep. So they don’t need to go out to consume the services. Thus, it improves the convenience of the customers.

On-demand service platforms are easily available and accessible to everyone. People who look for such services can easily consume them.

A smooth payment option boosts up customers’ buying experience. Safe and quick transactions simplify the purchasing of products and services.

When it comes to service, quality is the key crux. It’s a major factor to win customers’ trust and retain them for the long term. Compromise in service quality means losing the customers forever.

So, are you planning for on-demand mobile application development?

Intuz will be grateful for being your technology partner in this journey that helps you in every step to make your journey prosperous and swift. We hold excellence in building robust iOS and Android mobile applications to address the specific business needs of various organizations belonging to diversified industry domains. Delivering simplex to complex mobile apps based on a unique concept, we have won the heart and trust of the various clients that reflects in our testimonials.

This blog was originally published on on November 10, 2021.



Techno-commercial leader heading Intuz as head of Strategy.

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