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App Onboarding illustrations and designs by Intuz team for the construction app for architects, consultants and contractor management.

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App Onboarding Trends

It is wrong to assume that once internet users download your mobile app, they will get attached. A Google report states 29% of users abandon a mobile app if they don’t find it valuable or entertaining.

There are many reasons! They can often not determine the correct way of using the app or familiarize themselves with its full features. An interactive mobile app onboarding experience can minimize the abandonment rate to a great extent.

Onboarding does a fantastic job of explaining to first-time app users what the app can do and show them the correct way of using it, such as checking out, putting items in the wishlist, bookmarking, and more.

Types of mobile app onboarding

1. Functions-oriented

This practice focuses on executing the functionalities of the mobile app development. It shows how each feature can be used to achieve a goal on the app.

2. Value-focused

This type of onboarding communicates the main benefits that a user can avail from using the mobile app. The purpose is to increase the conversion rate and motivate more people to use the app repeatedly.

3. Progressive

This comprises a step-by-step tutorial enabling the user to enjoy the app and its functions as they make their way through the app.

Importance of having a mobile app onboarding

1. Helps communicate strategically with first-time app users — does not leave them in a lurch after the download

2. Helps users gain a positive experience from the minute they download and start using the app

3. Helps your business express the mobile app’s usefulness and value in the process

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