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Jul 30, 2021

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All-in-one Guide on React Native VS Flutter

As technology is growing at a rapid pace, the demand for mobile apps is also increasing in terms of technology. If we talk about mobile app development, we all know that iOS and Android both are doing extremely well in their respective areas. Mobile app developers are continuously learning and working on new emerging technologies for crafting beautiful and high performing mobile apps.

React Native vs Flutter

Let’s have a look at Flutter VS React Native Comparison

What is React Native?

Some popular applications which are built with React Native

React Native Development Ecosystem

React Native Architecture

The architecture of React Native revolves around mainly two patterns in creating React or React to native applications which are Flux and Redux. Flux is created by Facebook, the Framework creators whereas Redux is considered the most popular option in the community. Both of the frameworks have unidirectional data flow and the application’s state can be stored in the central place known as Store. This can make the components of your app as stateless as possible. Also, you can make use of Context API that is a new-fangled feature of React for managing state.

React Native’s Popularity, community and documentation

The documentation of React Native is really good and is user-friendly which explains the props, what they stand for and where and how to use them. The official documentation of React Native covers popular topics, guides in cross-platform development with React Native. The topic covers how to install and make use of native modules or build platform-specific components.

React Native App Performance

  • It renders speed with smooth animations, and frames per second when the UI is changed and with UI effects that take place in time.
  • It has the best business logic with the best speed of mathematical calculations and memory manipulations. This kind of performance is considered the most imperative for applications that have complex business logic.

Development Tools for React Native Application

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Xcode
  • Android Studio

Pros of React Native Solution

1.) Fast Development Process

2.) Multiple Platform under one Framework

3.) Simple User Interface

4.) Hot Reload on save any file

5.) Easy Debugging process

Cons of React Native Solution

1. Not much smooth Navigation

2. Fewer Custom Modules

3. The need for Native Developers

What is Flutter?

Some popular apps which are built with Flutter

Flutter Ecosystem

Flutter Architecture

Flutter is a young framework that everybody thinks to implement in their application. There are quite a few architectures that are famous around the Flutter community. You can make use of BLoC architecture that stands for business Logic Component. Google has depicted the Flutter architecture in the Dart Conference which was held in 2018. It states that the business logic has been removed from the presentation layer and has been placed in the components of business logic. The BLoC pattern depends on streams and Reactive Dart which is a good tool for understanding streams is Rxmarbles. Also, there are some other architectures that are present in the Flutter and if you are comfortable using Redux or Flux, then you can use the defined patterns. There are some packages in Flutter, you can use that also to make it possible.

Flutter’s Popularity, community and documentation

On the other side, if we talk about the documentation of Flutter then it is very easy to understand. The documentation of Flutter is very helpful and has been done in a detailed manner. For those who are not much aware of the programming terms, it might get a little difficult to understand. But once you will get used to it, you will understand everything which has been written in the documentation.

Flutter Performance

  1. It has the power to reduce the whole code development time for building an intuitive mobile app.
  2. Flutter has the best UX which delivers the best application performance at the use end.

Development Tools for Flutter Application

  • Xcode
  • Android Studio

Pros of Flutter

1) Builds iOS and Android Apps Synchronically

2) Hot Reload

3) Huge Performance

Cons of Flutter

1. New-fangled Language

2. Best-matched for Universal Apps

3. Less than 4MB App Restriction

React Native VS Flutter


React Native V/S Flutter — Frequently Asked Questions

Is flutter better than react native?

Will flutter replace react native?

Which is faster Flutter or React Native?

What language is flutter?

What is Flutter used for?

What companies use react native?

  1. Instagram
  2. Shoplift
  3. Stack
  4. Microsoft
  5. Discord and more …

What companies use Flutter?

  1. Delivery Hero
  2. Nubank
  3. Useinsider
  4. Underpin
  5. C4RE and more …


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