Leverage enterprise mobility to simplify the business workflow by connecting various internal and external resources through a single platform. However, it also drives few threats as well. Security of business data is the most serious concern while companies use MDM solutions for managing complex business operations.

Enterprises need to define advanced enterprise mobile management strategies. Mobile device management is a very thoughtful process where leaders of organizations need to outline the key policies and practices with the help of mobility experts. …

The global healthcare industry is facing challenging hurdles in modern times owing to rising costs, strict regulatory environments, growth failure and error rates, reducing profitability and rising distrust of the modern healthcare system.

Owing to the growing demand for a quality healthcare system globally, the industry is looking for reliable and innovative solutions to serve various stakeholders, better.

With a rise in increased mobile engagement of humans all over the globe, the healthcare industry also is potentially expected to transform in the near future. Moreover, the smartphone has become a popular device among doctors as well just like the stethoscope.

Smartphones have transformed every industry in modern times. An increase in the penetration of smartphones has made it possible for the eCommerce industry to leverage the growth in the mobile apps industry.

According to a report by Statista, it is expected that by 2020, mobile apps will generate USD 188.9 bn in revenue and eCommerce will have a great impact on the growth of this industry, too. In fact, the growth in both mobile apps and the eCommerce industry will go hand in hand owing to the interdependence and growth potential both offer for each other.

Users, with an increased…

So, you have come up with a stunning piece of content for your business page. You’ve done your research, created an infographic that you feel will be resourceful to your target audiences, and finally posted it. A few hours pass (or even a day) but that magic doesn’t seem to happen. There are hardly any interactions on your posts and it is just sitting right there idle, inactive, and devoid of its purpose.

You are on the verge of giving up on your social media business page.


The problem is not with your posts or your followers but the…

Enterprise mobile apps enable partners, customers, and employees to perform their various tasks and access critical business processes from any place and any time.

While we talk about mobile apps development, things are completely different from web and desktop-based applications. In web and desktop applications, users have a widescreen and a complete navigation menu at the dashboard of their software system. So here users can have an overview of the entire system at a glance.

However, in mobile apps, it is quite tough to display all items together. Users need to spend some more time on the app to understand…

With each passing day, mobile technologies unveil something innovative that reboots user’s life!

You might argue, it simply eats our time and makes us lazy. In our free time, we tend to play with mobiles instead of getting into any physical activity or being social (like face-to-face social meetings).

Every coin has two sides. Likewise, mobility has its pros and cons. It always depends on the individual’s choice of where we want to focus. In the context of mobiles, they turn into blessings when it comes to living a healthy life by offering a variety of fitness applications.

In the…

Every industry is being transformed by the rapid penetration of the internet and mobile devices worldwide. When it comes to one of the oldest industries in the world, i.e. food and beverages, mobiles have managed to transform how restaurant owners manage their businesses and how connoisseurs are served.

As a restaurant owner, you might have contemplated investing in a mobile app at many points in time, but still, you might not have a mobile app. …

Gone are the days we had to wait weeks or even probably months to watch our favourite television shows and films. Today, the entire 100 years of cinema and entertainment is available online to watch at our preferred time and from our convenient location. This has also influenced consumer behaviours in such a way that we now watch an entire season of a series or movie trilogies in a single day.

With the onset of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime and more, the way entertainment is consumed is being rewritten now. The seeds sowed by YouTube revolutionized content and…

The number of smartphone users worldwide will surpass 3.8 billion by 2023, with most of them belonging to China, India, and the US. Not surprisingly, mobile apps are expected to generate $935.2 billion in revenue via in-app advertising and app stores by the same year.

According to a Manifest survey, 51% of internet users open a mobile app up to 10X in a day. One thing is for sure mobile apps have gained much precedence in our daily lives in the past decade and for a good reason.

From shopping for clothes and groceries to booking cabs and movie tickets…

When the world is hyper-connected in this daywith the total number of mobile apps for Android and iOS being 3.48 million and 2.22 million, respectively, it is customary to build apps supporting both platforms. and age, offering mobile apps as a business seems hardly ground-breaking. In fact, it is more of an obvious choice.

Plus, with the total number of mobile apps for Android and iOS being 3.48 million and 2.22 million, respectively, it is customary to build apps supporting both platforms.

If you are looking to build a highly efficient mobile app, look no further than React Native. Developed…

Pratik Rupareliya

Techno-commercial leader heading Intuz as head of Strategy.

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